At Eehibu, we are happy to announce competitions in your Activities. Here you can participate in the competition, with topic of your choice and Win exciting prizes and gift hampers.

So, Dear kids... this is your notebook, use it the way you want Reflect your ideas and get rewarded to through two categories by:-

(1) Writing an Essay in space provided/Write it on an A4 sheet, take a picture of it and Upload.

(2) Upload a painting made by you or Upload any image that you have collected and justify how you relate it to the topic.

  • Topic 1: How do you celebrate Independence Day in your school?

Essay Competition

Type a document in the space provided/Write an essay on an A4 paper about your Choice of topic from 2 topics mentioned above within 300 words and take a picture of it and upload, file size without exceeding 1mb and get exciting gifts for your writing skills. Before you start typing the file, make sure that your details like Name, Mobile Number, Class, Age, Place.. are mentioned clearly so that we can get back to you easily when you win a prize. Your entry will be canceled if your details are not clear. For guidance you can view the example sheets.

Painting Competition

If you are good at Painting, you can upload yours in the format given in the example sheet by filling the specified details and upload by taking a picture of it as a JPEG file. If you find any Picture that you like which is related to your choice of topic from above, then you can also explain how your collected picture reflects your thoughts. with your explanation,file size without exceeding 1mb to be showcased. Before uploading the file, For guidance you can view the example sheet.

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