Binder Clip Hacks


1. Binder Clips



Step 1
1. Knitting – A small dish with a clip on the edge keeps yarn in place and avoids detangling as you knit.

2. Cup Holder – Use vertical space by lifting pencil cups off your desk with a hook and a clip.

3. Smart Charging –. You can organize thread cords on your table through binder clips on the edge of the surface to look tidy and stay in place all the time even when unplugged.

4. Cell Phone Stand – Using two binder clips joined together, you can make an instant cell phone stand for free.

5. Hanger Help – Double your clothesline capacity by drying clothes on evenly-spaced hangers held in place with handy clips.

6. Bind cable and charger – Keep your phone's cable and charger within easy reach, and neatly kept by clipping and running the wires through a binder clip.

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