Hacks with Plastic Bottle


1. Plastic Bottle



Step 1
1. Quick Funnel
Cut off the top of the bottle, unscrew the cap and put the neck of the bottle on the bag. This will create a concentrated flow from which to pour the contents. You can then just screw the cap back on when you’re done!

2. Feed Backyard Birds
Fill a bottle with grains and poke pencils through the bottle to create a perch for your friendly backyard birds, This way the holes above their perch let the birds peck with their beaks through to eat their food.

3. Dispense Plastic Bags
Cut the bottom of your bottle off to provide a large hole to allow you to stuff plastic bags through. Then, cut the cap off for a smaller opening through which you can pull out the bags when you need to reuse one.

4. Yolk Remover
Instead of getting your hands messy while separating an egg yolk from the white in the eggshell, use a water bottle. Squeeze the bottle, hold it over the yolk, and then release your grip to suck up the yellow from the middle.

5. Make a Water Sprinkler
To make your kids feel fun. Just poke a few holes into a water bottle, line it up with the mouth of your hose, and tape it in place. The pressure will push the water out in various directions without damaging small plants.

6. Sore Feet Relief
Fill a plastic water bottle with water up to three fourth, freeze it and use it after a long day. Roll the bottle back and forth on the bottoms of your feet to reduce inflammation and pain.

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