Paper Stars


1.Two wrapping papers of different designs 2.Pencil 3.Scissors 4.Glue 5.String to hang them



Step 1
1. Turn the paper over and fold it in a triangle shape and fold the paper as shown in Step 1.
2. Mark with a pencil a little away from the border towards the middle. Do it on all the four sides.
3. Cut with scissors from the edge of your pencil mark on all the four sides.
4. Glue every other side on the folded flaps.
5. Pull the unglued side and stick it to the side where we have applied the glue.
6. One side is ready, but you need the other side to complete the star. Now repeat the previous steps to make another star.
7. Glue it on the back side four corners around the circle to stick another star.
8. After making the second star glue it to the first star where you have applied the glue.
9. Finally, if you want to hang you can tie a string and hang it in the house.

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