Socks Bunny


1. Socks
2. Buttons
3. Embroidery floss, pink
4. Pink Ribbon/lace and some embellishments
5. Cotton stuff
6. Needle
7. Thread
8. Scissors



Step 1
1. First turn to the wrong side and iron the socks flat with foot facing up. Draw the socks bunny pattern on the sock with erasable fabric marker. Cut approx. 1/8" – 1/4" from sewing line and Red – cutting lines Pin the layers and sew with hand. Sew ears and arms only. Cut the pattern out from the sock with minimum 1/8" seam allowance. Split the ankle part into the half.
Step 2
2. Now draw 3 circles and cut them out. Turn the sock right side out, face, body, arms. Stuff ear with cotton stuff material. Only stuff the end and leave the area near to the head lightly stuff. Then Stuff the face, shape it round. Run a round of stitches near to the raw edge, put to close the opening. Draw an oval shape at the heel section with erasable fabric marker. Lip stitch the cutout toe portion along the oval shape, leave a small opening for stuffing. Stuff and stitch to close up the opening.
Step 3
3. Then sketch nose on bunny’s mouth with erasable fabric marker. Satin stitch the nose and make a dimple line below it by pulling the embroidery floss to create an indentation on the mouth. Sew eyes on the buttons. Flip the ears down and make a few stitches to hold it in position. Draw a circle at the bottom of the head. Equally, divide the circle into about 12 parts. Draw a line at the body and equally divide the spacing into 12 parts too. Slip stitch body to the head follow the markings. The markings will make sure that the body and head are properly matched.
Step 4
4. Stuff up the body, feet, arms and tail. Run stitches near the raw edge, pull to close the opening. For feet and tail, roll the poly-fill on your palms to make it round and small before wrapping it with the sock. Mark 3 lines on the bunny’s foot. Sew with embroidery floss to shape the toes.
Step 5
5. For the arm, slip stitches the opening instead of running stitch. Mark arm position on the side of the bunny. Slip stitch around the arm to the body. Mark and slip stitch the feet and tail in place. Decorate the bunny with your preferred embellishments. Finally, a droopy ear sock bunny that can sit on its own is ready!

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