3D Structural frame


1.Playing Dough 2.Tooth Picks



Step 1
1. Begin by rolling out eight play dough balls, the size of each ball to be around the size of your thumb.

2. Attach balls and toothpicks together, to make a square frame. Do not push the toothpick too hard, to avoid passing it through the ball.

3. Make one more similar square and attach toothpicks to the balls of the first frame. The new toothpicks should stand vertically.

4. Now attach the second square frame above the vertical toothpicks by this cube frame is ready.

5. Then add the roof by attaching two toothpicks and a ball together. The toothpicks should form an angle. Attach the triangular frame above the cube.

6. Add the back of the roof and join the top balls together with a toothpick. The structural frame of the house is ready.

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