Birthday Cap


1.Construction Paper 2.Paper Circles 3.Gift Ribbons 4.Glue 5.Pompom 6.Tape 7.Scissors



Step 1
1. Make a cone with a radius of about 8 to 9 inches and attach a chin strap. Do this by punching a pair of opposite holes near the base of the hat and then attach the ends of an elastic string around the holes.

2. Now decorate your hat with bright colored circles by sticking the paper circles around the hat.

3. Cut gift ribbons into 10 to 12- inch long pieces and curl the ribbons following the tutorial.

4. Tape the ribbons along the inner edge of the hat to cover roughly half of the cone’s base.

5. Then glue a large pompom on the top of the cone cap. If you don’t have pompoms at least crumple the color paper into a ball and glue it on the tip of the cone.

6. Finally, the birthday cap is ready.

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