Bottle Craft


1.Green Plastic Bottle 2.One Glow Stick 3.Three 12 inch Pipe Cleaners in Green color 4.One 12 Pinch Pipe Cleaner in Gold color 5.Two yellow pony beads 6.Construction paper 7.Glue 8.Scissors 9.Black Paint 10.Cello tape



Step 1
1. Start this craft by cleaning out a green plastic bottle. Remove the label by soaking it for a while in warm water. Wash well and allow it to dry completely.

2. Twist three 12 inch green pipe cleaners around the middle of the bottle as shown. Give them a twist to secure, and then bend them to look like legs.

3. Cut a rectangle of construction paper to wrap around the bottle. Don't have it wrap completely. Cut the rectangle slightly smaller so it ends where the legs show Glue this paper on to the body to secure.

4. Fold another piece of construction paper in half. Cut a wing-like shape, using the fold to create mirror images of the wings. Glue these on top of the firefly's body.

5. Paint the bottle cap black and allow it to dry. Screw the cap on the Firefly. Glue two yellow pony beads to the sides of it, to be the lightning bug's eyes. Then, wrap a 12-inch gold pipe cleaner around the neck of the bottle, twist to secure, and curl the ends to be the lightning bug's antennae.

6. Crack to activate a glow stick and place it inside. You can let it be loose, but I used a bit of tape to secure the top end of the glow stick near the mouth of the bottle. Enjoy the bottle craft!

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