Bow Hair Clip


1.Ribbons 2.Hairclip 3.Scissors 4.Glue 5.Candle 6.Needle 7.Thread



Step 1
1. Cut two ribbons of the same length and paste double- sided adhesive or sew into two circles.

2. Put the interface side down, fold the ribbons and sew with needle and thread.

3. Now make another one in the same way and sew them in the middle together.

4. Then take a small piece of ribbon, and paste double-sided adhesive on the opposite corners.

5. Stick as shown in the image or you can also sew it. Then turn over, glue or stitch.

6. Now find the centre of the ribbons, sew it. Once the glue melts with the help of the candle and put it on the hairpin.

7. Finally, Pretty Blow Hair clip is ready.

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