Bowl with Plastic Buttons


1.Flat buttons of desired colors and sizes 2.White glue 3.Paint brush 4.Scissors 5.News paper 6.Cup or can



Step 1
1. Blow up a balloon to the desired size you want your bowl to be and place it knot side down into a cup or can that you wouldn't mind getting a little glue on

2. Cover half of the balloon with glue using a paintbrush. You might have to alternate holding the balloon by the knot for a few minutes then set it knot-side-down in your can in order to get an even coat on the balloon and it does not drip off.

3. Let the glue dry completely forming a layer of rubber-like protection between the balloon and your layer of buttons

4. After this first layer is completely dry, apply a second coat of glue. Starting at the top of the balloon and working your way down toward the knot. Attach buttons to this layer as close together as you can fit them.

5. Continue adding the second layer of glue and attaching buttons until your half of the balloon is covered with beautiful buttons. Once all the desired buttons are attached turn your button covered balloon upside down in your cup so that the knot is in the air and the buttons are balanced on the lip of the cup. This is to keep your buttons from sliding down the balloon while they are dry.

6. Let the layer of glue and buttons dry completely, usually, it requires about 4 or 5 hours.

7. Once the second layer of glue and buttons is completely dry, coat the buttons over again with a third layer of glue.

8. Allow this third layer of glue to dry completely- I usually let it sit overnight- and if desired you can apply the fourth layer of glue to strengthen your bowl even more.
9. When your bowl is entirely dry use a scissor and cut the knot on the balloon to slowly let the air out. Sometimes glue will drip down, just peel it back and use the scissor to snip any unwanted glue bits away from the button edge.

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