Bracelet with Beads


1.Cord 2.Wooden beads 3.Permanent markers 4.Scissors 5.Toothpicks 6.Tape



Step 1
1. Start the bracelet by decorating some of the wooden beads with the permanent markers. You can make zigzags, polka dots, lines- any kind of design you’d like!

2. It is helpful to push a toothpick through the bead and decorate it to hold it in place that you wish to draw on it.

3. Cut a piece of cord (or any other thing string) to make the bracelet. Now tie a bead on one end to keep the beads and string onto the cord from falling off.

4. String the wood beads onto your cord. (If you have any difficulty in getting the end of the cord through the bead, you can wrap a piece of tape around the end to stiffen it.)

5.  Once you are finished, tie the two ends of your cord together and cut off the extra cord. Finally, the beautiful bracelet with embellished beads is ready!

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