Candle Holders


1.Medium Sized rubber bands 2.Artificial Flowers 3.Artificial Leaves 4.Glue



Step 1
1. First, take five leaves and twist them at regular intervals around the rubber band. Use, the wire kind, as it holds the rubber band in place. If they aren’t available, you can use regular leaves that can be stuck on with glue.

2. Paste the 4 biggest flowers, at even spaces. They don’t necessarily have to be over each leaf. However, it’s best to have even spaces between two white flowers

3. Stick two small flowers in each of the remaining gaps. There’s no particular order to this, and you should mix it up, to give it a natural look.

4. Remove the excess glue with a stick and spread the petals to give the flowers an open look.

5. Finally, to give the flower ring a bit of shine, you can paste some pearls in the flowers.

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