Cars with cardboard


1.A cardboard roll 2.Scissors 3.Glue 4.Paint 5.Paintbrush 6.Black Marker 7.Black paper & White paper



Step 1
1. Take the cardboard roll and draw a rectangle and a square without closing it from the top.

2. Next cut the rectangle, leaving hollow and make a cut to open by stripes we have been square, with this we get a flap that will raise as a seat.

3. Now paint the roll with your favorite color paint.

4. Draw four equal circles on the black paper and cut in the center of each of them and put a circle of white cut from the sheet.

5. Once the wheels are made glue it in place and add the decorations you want for the car to look good.

6. Finally, the car is ready and you can repeat the same procedure for different color cars.

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