Chinese Lanterns


1. Red or yellow color chart 2. Scissors 3. Stapler 4. Glue 5. Ruler 6. Pencil 7. Things to decorate (Gift wrapping paper, Kundan, small buttons etc)



Step 1
1. Take the rectangular sheet of paper of your preferred color to make the lantern, cut a 1 – inch wide strip off on one short side and keep this aside for the handle.

2. Fold the paper in half, lengthwise and draw a horizontal line one inch from the long edge opposite the fold.

3. Starting from the folded edge, cut a straight line about an inch from one short edge, all the way up to the horizontal line.

4. Continue in the same way to cut more straight lines about 1 inch apart until you reach the opposite short edge of the paper. Don’t forget that the horizontal line marks the point where you stop cutting each straight line.

5. Unfold the paper. The paper will have several vertical slits along the middle. Now erase all the pencil marks.

6. Decorating the lantern is optional, here are some ideas you can try:
I. Create patterns and details with glitter glue.
II. Glue on a strip of gift wrap paper, lace, ribbon to make a border.
III. Make a border by painting with any oil pastel colors.
7. Don’t forget to leave at least a half – inch of undecorated area on one top corner. This space will allow you to connect the two edges of the paper to form a lantern.
8. Form the paper into a tube shape to transform it into a lantern. Overlap the long edges at least a half-inch. Staple or tape the top and bottom corners.
9. Glue on the paper handle from step 2. Decorate the handle if you like. Once the glue dries, hang the paper lantern.

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