Clay Birdhouse Bookmark


1. Paper twine 2. White, blue, green and red color paints 3. Plastic sheet 4. Straw 5. Painting brush



Step 1
1. Divide the clay meant for the birdhouse into 3 parts. Create three different shades of blue by varying the amount of blue color you add to the white clay.

2. Use a roller to flatten out the clay of the lightest shade of blue. With the help of a cutter cut out the shape of a bird house.

3. Make a flat triangle from the medium shade of blue and place it on the light blue for the roof. Now take a small ball of the white and dark blue clay and roll them into long thin strips to get a rope. Fix this rope along the border of the bird house.

4. Make three small balls of white clay and put them on the birdhouse roof. Flatten the tops slightly and make a hole in the center of each ball with the help of a toothpick. Take another piece of the dark blue clay and roll it into a thick rope. Make a door shape in the front of the house.

5. Make red clay by mixing in some red paint with the white clay. Add just enough red to make it pink if that’s the color you prefer. Make five small balls for petals and stick them in the shape of a flower. Make small grooves with a toothpick.

6. Similarly, make green clay with green paint. Make a few tear drop shapes for leaves and stick them on the house. With the help of a straw, make a hole in the centre of the door. Add few more leaves at the base and the birdhouse is ready.

7. To make the bird take a small amount of light blue clay and make a tear drop shape for the bird’s body. Make two of these and place one end of a 12-inch twine between the layers and seal. Make two small tear drop shapes from the dark blue clay for the wings. Stick each on either side of the bird body with glue. Add a beak with a small amount of red clay.

8. Pass the other end of the twine through the hole in the birdhouse and knot securely. Add an eye & white dots with oil markers.

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