Clay Teddy Bear


1.Clay (brown, pink, black, white and red) 2.Clay Tools (optional) 3.Plastic sheet



Step 1
1. Take about half of the clay and add a few drops of brown paint to it. Mix the paint evenly and make a flattened circle from it to form the teddy bear head. Make a thin sharp line down the middle as shown in the illustration.

2. Make two identical small balls from the brown clay. Use a blunt instrument to make a dent in them.

3. Now take the pink color clay and divide into two equal balls and flatten them in the same way as the ears. Stick these into the center of ears. Stick the ears on either side of the head.

4. Make a ball out of brown clay approximately the same size as the head. Smoothen it to form a cylinder with a flat bottom and top. Press it down slightly to make the base broader. Push a toothpick through the top of the body and insert the face on the top of it. The toothpick is used to make the structure more stable.

5. To make the limbs, create four teardrops using brown clay and flatten one side as shown below. On the flattened side, stick a small white circle of clay. Repeat the same process for all four limbs. Stick two limbs at the base and two around the neck.

6. Take a bit of white clay and roll it into a ball. Flatten it into a circle and stick it on for the teddy bear’s mouth. Make small pink circles for the teddy bear’s palms and feet.
7. Finish up the teddy bear’s face with features! Now take the black clay and make tiny eyes and a small nose and stick it on the teddy bear’s face in the right places.
8. To make the heart, create a teardrop and flatten it. Then make a small dent on the curved, broader side of the teardrop to give it a heart shape. Create two of these, and stick them to create a heart. Stick the heart between the hands.

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