Clay Turtle


1.Dark brown clay 2.Light brown clay 3.White color clay 4.Black color clay 5.Toothpick



Step 1
1. First, take dark brown clay and make a big ball and slowly shape it into a turtle shell.
2. Now take the light brown clay and make small balls flatten them lightly and stick on the shell starting from the middle and covering the whole shell.
3. After that shape the green color balls for front legs, hind legs and a small tail and glue all the parts under the hood.
4. Now start making the head of the turtle by making a cone, and bend it so that it may be the head and neck and glue it under the shell.
5. Make a little mouth and nostrils with a toothpick on the face of the turtle.
6. Then shape the small eyes using white color clay and make a black pupil in the white eyes and a tiny dot on the edge of the black with the white color clay.
7. Finally, the cute little clay turtle is ready!

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