Cotton Sheep


1.White and black construction paper 2.Cotton balls 3.Glue 4.Scissors 5.White crayon 6.2 googly eyes 7.Red yarn



Step 1
1. Trace the image of the sheep on the black construction paper using a white crayon and cut out the pieces. Cut the body of the sheep out of white paper.
2. Cover the sheep’s body piece with glue.
3. Stick the body of the sheep with cotton balls.
4. Paste the 4 legs on the bottom of the body.
5. Glue the sheep’s head onto the body (on top of the cotton balls).
6. Now paste the googly eyes on the head and the red yarn on the sheep’s face to make a smiling mouth.
7. Cut a small triangle out of black construction paper and stick it to the face of the sheep as a nose.
8. Finally, the cotton ball sheep is ready.

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