Crepe Flowers Cactus Plant


1.Crepe Paper 2.Foam or Thermocol 3.Paint Brush 4.Colors 5.Glue 6.Small Pebbles 7.Grass 8.Small Pots 9.Scissors 10.Toothpicks



Step 1
1. First, take the foam or thermocol eggs and roll and flatten them. Now take the green color crepe paper large enough to cover the eggs and stretch centers to form the shapes.

2. Twist and glue the crepe papers around the foam or thermocol. Then trim off twists on top and bottom and apply the glue to secure them.

3. Now take toothpicks and trim the both side tips of 1 inch then push and cut the ends into foam in a pattern.

4. Then paint the toothpicks to match the crepe paper. Now take your favorite color crepe paper and cut the petals of the flowers.

5. Gather & glue long petal pieces to create small bloom, now roll and glue fringe for the center of the large bloom. Stretch top of petals to make ruffle.

6. Take 3 petals and glue around the yellow center and glue this bloom on the top of the cactus.

7. Now insert toothpick into base of cactus and insert into pebble and grass filled pot.

8. Finally, the beautiful crepe paper cactus plant is ready!

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