Crepe Paper Flowers


1. 2 Colors of Crepe Paper 2. Card sheet of the same color 3. Scissors 4. Glue



Step 1
1. First, cut 3 strips of crepe paper approximately 1 – to1 1/2" wide from the desired petal color. Cut one piece of crepe paper approximately 3? x 5? out of the desired stamen color.

2. Now cut the strips into smaller pieces. You should have approximately 27 rectangles of crepe paper.

3. Fold each small rectangle of crepe paper in half lengthwise and cut your petal shape. Cut approximately 3? (75mm) circle from the cardstock.

4. Using your fingers, shape each petal by pulling gently outwards. For inner petals, try curling the petal inwards by rolling it around your finger as you stretch. Glue the first petal to the outside edge of the card stock circle.

5. Glue each petal so that it slightly overlaps the one before. 

6. As you glue the petals around the outside of the cardstock circle. When you get to the end of the first layer of petals, the final petal should be closer to the center of the circle than the first one.

7. After 2 layers of petals, you may want to cut a small section off the bottom of the remaining petals (about 1/8 or 5mm) before shaping and sticking them.

8. Once all petals are attached it’s time to shape the center of the flower. Fold your piece of crepe paper in half lengthwise and then pull firmly to stretch. Snip along the folded edge, creating a fringe.

9. Roll the fringe tightly. Add a dab of glue to the end of the roll to secure.

10. Use glue to attach the stamen to the center of your flower. Once dry, gently push the stamen open as little or as much as you want.

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