Cup and Ball Game


1. Yogurt cups 2. Scissors 3. 12 Bamboo skewers 4. Beads 5. Glue 6. Colorful tapes 7. Yarn


Step 1
1. First, cover the outside of your yogurt cups using colorful tapes.
2. Now pierce the bottom of the cup with the skewer and cut a 12-inch piece of yarn through the bottom hole in the yogurt cup.
3. Tie your large bead to the end of the yarn and pierce the side of the yogurt cup with the skewer and thread it through the opposite side of the cup.
4. Then cut the sharp end of the skewer and glue the end in place. You can also glue the yarn at the bottom of the cup to secure it.
5. You can also decorate the skewer by sticking colorful tapes around it.
6. Finally, the ball game is ready! Gently swing the ball up and into the cup.
Step 3

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