DIY Basket


1. Foam Sheet 2. Pencil 3. Compass 4. Ruler 5. Scissors 6. Glue 7. Printed Paper 8. Decorative Pearls 9. Color Papers



Step 1
1. Take a pink foam sheet and using the ruler measure 6cm on it; use the compass to draw a circle with the 6cm radius. Now cut the circle and keep it aside.

2. In a similar manner, we need 4 rectangles of various dimensions. Cut each of the rectangles and keep them aside.

3. Take the circle shaped foam sheet and at the center measure 2 cm width and draw 2 horizontal lines. Use glue on the horizontal lines and stick the rectangular sheet measuring 12*7 cm dimension on it.

4. Take the long rectangular pieces measuring 7cm width and paste them on the circumference of the circle to form a basket.

5. Now to make the handle of the basket, take a foam sheet and measure 1.5cm width on it. Cut this strip and paste it on the inner portion of the basket.

6. Take the printed paper sheet and cut 2 strips of 1.5cm width. Use glue to paste the strips on the handle of the basket to make it more attractive.

7. Use the printed paper to cover the sealed ends of the basket then take the color paper and measure 1.5*11 cm dimension on the same.

8. Cut several such strips for decorating the wall and take each strip and paste it on the wall of the basket.

9. Now decorate the handle and walls of the basket with pearl strips.

10. Finally, the beautiful DIY Basket is ready.

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