Decorative Pots


1. Nail Polish (different Colors) 2. Plants 3. Pots 4. Masking Tape



Step 1
1. First, take the pot and pour some enamel around the pot and allow it to dry. Repeat as often as necessary and as many colors you want. Design it with different sizes and different thickness.

2. Using masking tape cover the pot to achieve your favorite shapes. They can be squares or rectangles.

3. I chose rectangles, now fill the rectangles with your favorite color and design and allow them to dry very well.

4. Now remove the tape. Finally, the pot is ready!.

5. In a similar way, you can do different pots with different designs. Now take two shades of Nail Polish first form dotted lines with one single color and in the empty spaces, draw the line with the different color.

6. Once they get dry decorate your garden with these beautiful pots.

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