Duct Tape Zipper Case


1. Cotton pillowcase 2. Scissors 3. Ziplock Bag 4. 3 to 5 rolls of Duct tape of different colors 5. Gem stickers 6 .Hole punch 7. Craft wire



Step 1
1. First, cut a strip of duct tape an inch wider than your freezer bag and stick it onto the pillow case. Take another strip of tape and overlap 1/8 inch with the previous piece of tape. Repeat the process nine or 10 times.

2. Pull the tape sheet off the pillowcase and flip it over, sticky-side up. Stick strips of tape down onto the adhesive side of tape sheet until covered on both sides. Trim uneven sides.

3. Wrap ziplock bag with duct tape sheet. Secure the sides of the bag with a different color duct tape color.

4. Create fringe by sticking two pieces of duct tape together, then repeatedly cut 3/4 of the way up along the tape. Secure to bag with more tape. Repeat for the back and trim uneven sides.

5. Embellish it with gem stickers and a fancy Keychain. Fill it with your favorite stuff and go!

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