Egg Carton Art


1.Egg Carton 2.Sparkle Glue 3.Scissors 4.Paints of your favorite choice 5.Pipe Cleaners 6.Ribbon 7.Glue 8.Paint Brush 9.Buttons



Step 1
1. Paint the canvas with any color of your choice with several coats and keep it aside to dry.

2. Cut your egg carton so that each little egg carton area will be a flower bud. Cut in the middle and remove the excess areas.

3. Trim each “flower” to have petals. Now paint the egg carton “flowers” with the paint colors of your choice. Give them several coats and let them dry.

4. Once they are dry, coat with the sparkle glue. Make sure to give the flowers several coats so that they will sparkle.

5. Now trim the pipe cleaners to the correct length and tie them together as a stem. Then glue the stem to the canvas with the help of glue.

6. Then glue the buttons in the center of the each flower and then glue the flowers to the canvas above the stem.

7. Finally, wait for everything to dry and hang it on the wall.

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