Flowers with felt


1. Felt 2. Craft wire 3. Twine 4. Glue 5. Beads



Step 1
1. Take the craft wire and form a ring by winding the wire 5-6 times. Simply wrap the ring band with the twine evenly. After reaching the end make a knot and cut off the extra twine.

2. Take a felt and cut out a small piece from it.This will be the base piece to place the flowers. Glue the piece with the ring any side you want, but make sure to glue the sides of the felt with the ring band firmly.

3. Now cut a felt strip (6" X 1.5" ). Cut 6-7 petal shapes along any one side of the felt strip.

4. Take needle and thread. Stitch the straight side of the felt. Simply do running stitches all the way to the other end. Once you reach the other end push the felt towards the closed end of the thread to make a fringed pattern.

5. Tie both the ends of the thread to secure the fringes.  Make more flowers and added bead in the center. Cut out leaf shapes from green colored felt fabrics.

6. Prepare all the flowers and leaves you want for the garland. When you’re done with making the flowers, simply add them to the base piece of the ring. Use glue to attach the flowers with the ring.

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