Frog party Blower


1. 2 Plain light weight white plates 2. Red & Green color paint 3. Paint brushes 4.Yellow color party blower 5. Cotton balls (2) 6. Googly eyes (2) 7. Green color paper (1) 8. Scissors 9. Glue 10. Black marker



Step 1
1. Paint the plates with green and red color and put aside to dry.
2. Use the scissors to cut four legs of the frog from the green construction paper of size 5 inches long and 1 inch wide and cut the bottom of the leg as a frog foot.
3. Once the plates become dry stick the two plates keeping the green plate above and red plate below.
4. Now fold the plates in half across the diameter of the plates and stick two frog legs on each side of the semicircle, inserting them between the bottom green and red layers. Now attach the frog legs to the green layer with the glue.
5. Stick the googly eyes to the cotton balls and glue them on top of the green layer.
6. Now cut a slit in the fold of your plates and insert the plastic blower and stick out of the back to blow the “tongue out”.
7. The extendable end should stick out of the rounded part of the semicircle. Using the glue stick the plastic section to the plates.
8. Now, the party blower frog is ready.

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