1.Envelopes 2.Scissors 3.Glue stick 4.Tape



Step 1
1. First, take one envelope and open the seal of it.
2. Using a pair of scissors cut the side of your envelope a little and then fold the remaining 3 sides in about ½ inch. Using the flat side of your rule make a crisp fold of it.
3. Now open the envelope and push the bottom of the envelope in to form the base of the bag. If you push the bottom in the sides of the bag will pop out and form 2 triangles.
4. Press everything flat along the creases and glue the triangles down onto the base. Now in the pinch in the top of the bag and reverse the side folds so that they fold inwards instead of out.
5. Finally, fold the top down and secure with designer tape. Now fill it with a small gift and share with your friends.

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