Hacks with Magnets


1. Magnets



Step 1
1. Never lose your keys again
If you attach a magnet to your key ring, you can throw it on the fridge after a long day at work! As long as you don’t miss, you’ll never lose your keys again!

2. Hammer Magnet
Glue a small magnet to the bottom of your hammer. Now you’ll never have to worry about swallowing nails ever again!

3. Important Cords
If you attach the tiny spring from a pen to the end of an important computer hookup, you’ll never lose an important wire behind your desk ever again!

4. No more stepping on toy cars
Never again will you have to feel the pain of stepping on a toy car. Teach your kids to put away their toys, but they’ll always enjoy looking at their little cars sitting on the wall!

5. Add some flair to your lampshades
Flowers, ribbons, or little bows; using magnets will let you switch out or rearrange little pieces of decor that really add that final touch to your home!

6. Magnetic wristband
Using just a few small magnets, you can make yourself a cheap magnetic wristband to keep all those nails and screws from falling!

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