Ladybug with Spoons


1.Plastic spoons 2.Flat buttons 3.Red, white, and black paints 4.Scissors 5.Glue



Step 1
1. First, paint the head of the spoons with the red and black color and keep them aside to dry.

2. Once the red spoons get dried draw black dots on the spoon for the flaps of the bug.

3. Now, paint the button with black color and once it gets dry to draw the eyes with the white paint.

4. Cut the handles of the spoons to make the lady bug.

5. First, stick the two wings with the help of glue and glue the flaps to the body of the ladybug.

6. Then attach the muzzle in the front of the ladybug and also, on the back side of the bug stick the wire. The wire length can depend upon the height of the flower pot which you want to decorate.

7. Finally, the beautiful lady bug with the spoons is ready.

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