Living Room with Boxes


1. Boxes (Close -up, Dark Fantasy, Dove soap boxes small & big) 2. Cardboard 3. Craft glue 4. Paper cups 5. Cello tape 6. Scissors 7. Pencil 8. Colour Papers 9. Wrapping paper 10. Sand 11. Green straw



Step 1
1. Find boxes to turn into your living room's sofa and chairs. Square ones are great for the chairs and a bigger rectangular box is needed for the sofa. Scout for smaller boxes for all the of the seat backrest. Tape any open flaps for each of the boxes.
2. Now wrap the boxes with your favorite color for sofa and chairs. Match the colors of the chairs with the carpet.
3. Glue the sofa and chairs onto the board base.
4. Trim off 3 paper cups until they are about 2 ½ inches in height. Paint the paper cups with colors that compliment your living room color scheme.
5. Glue one of the painted paper cups in the middle of the living room set as the base for the coffee table. Now draw and cut a circle from construction paper and glue it on the top of the paper cup.
6. Fill the 2 remaining painted paper cups with sand. We are going to make these into flower pots.
7. Create leaves by cutting leaf shapes from green construction paper. Plant the leaves into the sand.
8. Make some flowers by cutting flower shapes from craft construction paper. Glue a green drinking straw at the back of each flower. Plant each stemmed flower at the center of the flower pot.
9. Position the flower pots on both sides of the sofa. Glue them onto the board base.

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