Matchbox Drawer


1. Matchboxes big size (3) 2.Wrapping paper 3.Cello tape 4.Satin Ribbon/ Split Pins 5.Scissors



Step 1
1. Take the matchboxes of the same size. Stack them up carefully and add some cello tape to the downside of the matchbox and then again down the other side.

2. Set the wrapping paper to the size of the match boxes and align the corner of your paper with the middle bottom of the matchbox tower and cello tape in place.

3. Now wrap the paper around all three boxes. Making relevant creases around all edges of the matchboxes.

4. Now trim your paper to make it a perfect fit.

5. Cello tape the other end of the paper down.

6. Now take a small piece of ribbon and create a loop or punch a small hole and use split pins as the pulling handles of the drawers.

7. Tape it to the bottom of the drawer and repeat the same process with each drawer.

8. That's all, the matchbox drawer is done.

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