Paper Leaf Banner


1. White Thick Sheet 2. Paint Brush 3. Colors 4. Scissors 5. Hole Puncher 6. Yarn 7. Stapler



Step 1
1. First, cut out a bunch of 5 1/2" x 7" rectangles.

2. Then, take the rectangle and fold it in half, then in half, then in half again (along with the length). And then, punch a hole at one end.

3. Now unfold most of the folds until your paper is only folded in half. Then cut a slanted line on one side to give the general shape of a leaf. (The leaf's point is in the middle of the paper.)

4. Once you get this general shape down. Cut out several different types of designs on the slanted side to make various leaves that look realistic when refolded.

5. Then, open up the paper and accordion fold the paper along pre-folded lines. Now staple the folds together.

6. Now open up the accordion folds like a fan and push down the leaf's edges to make sure they stay opened.

7. Then, with the help of colors, paint them and choose fall-themed colors and paint both the front and back and all the folds neatly.

8. Finally, once your paint gets dried, tie all the leaves to a long strand of yarn.

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