Paper Plate Dinosaur


1. Paper plate 2. Scissors 3. Glue 4. Pencil 5. Cardboard roll 6. Paint 7. Paint brush 8. Wiggle eyes



Step 1
1. First, color the paper plate with your favorite color and then cut into two pieces to make the 'shell' of your dinosaur.
2. Take one-half of the plate and make a head, a tail and triangular spikes in whatever shapes you fancy by drawing their shapes first. Glue these to the second half of the plate to start to create the template for your dinosaur.
3. To make the feet, measure and cut a cardboard roll into three.
4. Take 2 pieces and cut slits in the top on opposite sides. Insert the dinosaur's body onto the feet so it's stable and can stand.
5. Add a wiggle eye to the dinosaur's head to give your model a good look and an authentic face.

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