Paper Plate Fish


1.Paper plate 2.Orange color paint 3.Paint brush 4.Dark orange color paper 5.Orange sheet 6.Orange color sketch 7.Glue 8.Googly eye



Step 1
1. Start by painting your paper plate with orange color paint and let it dry thoroughly.
2. Now take the dark orange color paper and cut the round labels and stick them across half of your paper plate to create fish scales. If you want to make a colorful fish, you can use all of the colored labels.
3. Cut out all the fin pieces from your orange sheet. Cut out a back fin, a top fin and two fins on the bottom.
4. Then also cut small triangle ridges all along the bottom of the fins to give the feel of the fins completely.
5. Use your orange sketch draw lines down all of your fins. You can easily use an orange crayon instead, but with the sketch, it looks elegant.
6. Glue the fins to your paper plate. Finish your fish by cutting out a mouth in the front of the fish and glue the large googly eye.
7. That's all the paper plate fish is ready!

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