Paper Plate Parrot


1.Red or green paint 2.Paint brush 3.Paper plate 4.Scissors 5.Glue 6.Paper 7.Green, yellow & black color papers



Step 1
1. First, paint the paper plate with red color and keep it aside to dry.

2. Then cut out the shape of the parrot beak with yellow color paper and the crest with the green color paper.

3. Take the black paper and cut the eyebrows and eyes and glue the eyes onto the face under the crest and then eyebrows above the eyes.

4. Now glue the beak which is two pieces. The smaller piece is the bottom side of the beak and should be glued to the bottom of the paper plate.

5. The larger piece of the beak should slightly overlap the smaller piece. You can position them to make the parrot’s mouth look more open or closed.

6. Finally, glue the crest on the top of the eyebrows and your paper plate parrot is ready.

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