Paper Plate Peacock


1.Big paper plate 2. Small paper plate 3. Blue paint 4. Paint brush 5. Green sheet paper 6. Gold card sheet 7. Blue paper 8. Googly eyes 9. Blue feather 10. Scissors 11. Stapler 12. Glue



Step 1
1. Start by trimming around your small paper plate to make your peacock head.

2. Paint the bottom of both of your paper plates with the blue color paint. Set them aside to dry completely.

3. While your paper plates are drying you’ll need to cut out several things. First, cut out long strips of green sheet paper about 1-1/2 inches wide. To give you an idea, we used 8 strips.

4. You will also need to cut out a triangle beak and feet from your brown color paper. Lastly, cut out a handful of gold circles of 1 inch to decorate your peacock feathers.

5. When your paper plates are dry, staple your smaller paper plate (peacock face) onto the larger paper plate (peacock body). Then fold your green strips end to end around the rim of your larger paper plate and staple them down to make your long peacock feathers.

6. Glue your beak, googly eyes and feet onto your peacock. Also, glue your blue feather onto the top and back of your peacock head.

7. Finally, finish your paper plate peacock craft by decorating your green peacock feathers with your gold circles and blue stickers.

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