Paper Plate Santa Claus


1.Paper Plate 2.Skin color paint 3.Paint Brush 4.Red sheet paper 5.White Paper 6.Googly eyes 7.Cotton ball 8.Scissors 9.Glue stick



Step 1
1. First, start by cutting the top third section off of your paper plate. Paint the inside circle of the paper plate with your flesh tone paint and set it aside to dry.

2. Draw a large triangle shape on your red sheet paper and cut it out.

3. Now cut out two 2-inch circles from your white cardstock paper, cut one of the circles in half. Also, cut about a 3/4-inch strip from your white paper to use as the brim of the Santa hat. 

4. As soon as your paper plate is finished drying, assemble all the pieces to glue it.

5. Start by adding glue to the back of your paper plate and glue it onto your large triangle, about in the middle. Next, glue your 2-inch circle at the top of your triangle. Also, glue your white strip at the top of your paper plate to form the brim of the hat.

6. Then Continue by sticking on your large googly eyes. Next glue on your two half circles to form a mustache and finally glue your cotton ball painted with red right on top of your mustache to finish your Santa.

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