Paper Tree Craft


1.Paper plate 2.Cardboard roll 3.Brown color paint 4.Green color paint 5.Paint brush 6.Scissors 7.Thermocol balls



Step 1
1. Paint your cardboard tube brown for the tree trunk and the paper plate green and leave for drying.

2. Cut the paper plate in half and add a slit from the bottom of one to the middle and from the top of one to the middle. Cut 4 short slits equal distance apart around the top of the trunk too.

3. Slot the paper plate halves together using the slits and then set them into the slits on the trunk to make a 3D cardboard tree.

4. Finish off your jungle scene by keeping these trees with any other decorations you like. You can stick some thermocol color balls as fruits to these trees as a special appearance.

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