Paper cup Chick Basket


1. Paper cup
2. Yellow acrylic paint
3. Yellow craft paper
4. Orange craft paper
5. Pipe cleaner
6. Wiggle eyes
7. Glue
8. Scissors
9. Paint brush



Step 1
1. Paint a Small paper cup in yellow. Select glossy paint.

2. Glue on a pair of wiggly eyes. Now cut some two triangles from orange craft paper. Stick the base of each triangle at an angle to create a three-dimensional beak.

3. Cut a pair of feet out of orange craft paper. In the shape of letter “W”. Now stick the feet at the bottom of the cup.

4. Now cut out a pair of wings from the yellow craft paper and glue the wings on the two sides of the paper cup.

5. Then, punch a hole close to the paper cups mouth. Attach each end of a pipe cleaner or a ribbon onto a hole to create the handle.

6. Finally, fill your chick with flowers, candies, gems etc.

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