Pearl Bangles


1.Embroidery Thread 2.Bangle 3.Pearl Lace 4.Glue 5.Scissors



Step 1
1. Begin by winding your embroidery floss into a ball. This will help to minimize tangles as you start to wrap.

2. First, tie a knot on the inside of the bangle. You can secure in place with a small dot of glue or simply hold with your fingers.

3. Start wrapping the floss around the bangle. Make sure to keep your wraps tight so none of the original bangle colors shows through.

4. As you are wrapping, make sure to wrap over your knot on the opposite side so it doesn't show through as well!

5. Continue wrapping the thread around the bangle, making sure to keep the thread taut so there are no gaps. Once you have completely wrapped your bangle, you can secure the thread on the opposite side of the bangle with a small dot of glue.

6. Now it's time to add the pearls! It's easiest to work with pearl lace so that it can easily be glued to the bangle surface. Start off by placing a small dot of glue on the flat side of the trim and place onto the thread wrapped bangle. Hold in place for a few seconds.

7. Since the pearls are just one long piece of trim, you don't need to glue each individual one to the bangle. I glued every 4 pearls down just to ensure there was no movement while I was doing my second round of thread wrapping.

8. Once you’re trim as been secured, you can begin your second round of wrapping.

9. Wrap your thread in the space between each pearl about 3-4 times, continuing until you reach the end of the trim.

10. Now wrap the middle space between the ends of the pearl trim a few more times and then tie another knot on the inside of the bangle. Secure the end with a small dot of glue and you're done!

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