Phone Holder


1. Cardboard Roll 2. Design Tape 3. Push Pins - 4 4. Marker 5. Cutter 6. Scissors



Step 1
1. Place your phone over the paper roll and trace around it to mark the hole where the phone will stand once the holder is made.

2. Cut out the paper roll and tape design tape all around the roll.

3. Now mark a dot about 1” away from the middle of the edge of the hole. Do the same on the other side too and connect the dots.

4. Connect each dot with the corners of the hole so you form a V. Press the disconnected tape strip towards the inside and tape it to the roll, on the inside.

5. Using small scissors, cut along the line and one side of each V. Follow the above 2 steps for the other side of the V’s.

6. Now press each V towards the inside and tape them to the paper roll. Finish off the edges of the paper roll by taping some more design tape around each edge.

7. Clip all around the other half then push it towards the inside and tape to the paper roll. Now fix a couple of pins on both sides of the roll, at both the ends (just like little feet), making sure the distance between the pins at one end and the ones at the other end is wider than your phone so that the phone won’t get scratches.

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