Phone Pouch with Buttons


1.Blue Felt Paper 2.Pink Felt Paper 3.Acrylic Buttons 4.Wooden Buttons 5.Needle 6.Scissors 7.Cotton Thread



Step 1
1. First, take the blue felt paper and cut into two pieces according to the size of your phone. Make sure that one piece is shorter than the other piece as shown in image 1.

2. Now take two round felt paper one pink and the other blue and their sizes should be different as shown in image 2.

3. Take the needle and thread and sew the two round felt papers with a button in the middle as shown in image 3.

4. And continue to sew the remaining buttons on the felt as shown in image 4.

5. Now sew the button ornaments on the blue felt patch and leave a button hole on the top of the higher felt patch.

6. Then sew a lovely button on the top of the shorter felt patch and sew up the sides of the phone pouch to finish the phone pouch.

7. Finally, the beautiful Buttons Phone Pouch is ready to use!

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