Pineapple Lamp Shade


1. Small table lamp
2. One Plastic bottle
3. Plastic Spoons
4. Paints
5. Green Cardboard
6. Glue
7. Knife
8. Scissors



Step 1
1. Using the knife remove the bottom of the bottle and the spout. Now carefully cut the ends of the spoons away from the handles being sure not to leave any sharp edges.
Step 2
2. Then paint the spoons with the yellow paint, applying as many coats as necessary for a bright and even finish and let it dry.
Step 3
3. Use the glue to attach the first layer of yellow spoon ends to the bottom of the bottle. Continue the same procedure by adding layers of spoons on top of the first layer.
Step 4
4. Now cut a spiny star shape out of your green card. Cut a hole out of the centre so the paper will not over heat from the heat of the lamp. carefully bend the spines over to shape them a little. Using the glue stick the green star over the rough top of the spoons.
Step 5
5. To make spines, cut out spear shapes, apply glue to the base and apply to the inside of the plastic bottle. Again shape the leaves to make them bend over slightly. When all spines have been placed cut them slightly of different sizes and finally shape to make them look perfectly pineapple!

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