Pipe Cleaner Daffodils


1.3 Yellow pipe cleaners 2.1 Orange pipe cleaner 3.1 Green pipe cleaner 4.Hot glue gun 5.Scissors 6.Ruler 7.Small plastic pot



Step 1
1. Start by folding each of the yellow pipe cleaners in half to find the midpoint then open them back up and arrange them into a star, twisting them at the middle so that they stay in place.

2. Take each end and roll it tightly like a snail and keep winding it until you get to the center.

3. Repeat until all the “petals” are rolled up and then arrange them evenly.

4. For the stem, bend about 1 end of the green pipe cleaner into a “J” shape and loop it through the middle of the flower and then twist it on the bottom to keep it in place.

5. Take the orange pipe cleaner and start winding it tightly, again like a snail, but stop after a few rotations, then wrap it tightly around your little finger.

6. When it comes off your finger, pinch it tightly to compress the layers as much as possible. Then add the glue to the bottom of the orange “cup”.

7. Now press it firmly onto the center of the yellow “petals”.

8. Take the tiny pots for the flower arrangements and fill each one with sand, approximately three fourths and then wind up two black pipe cleaners into a spiral to fit on top to cover the sand.

9. Now, finally arrange the flowers In the pot.

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