Plastic Spoons Peacock


1. Plastic Spoons 2. Paints 3. Color Paper 4. Glitter Sheet 5. Decorative stones 6. Cardboard 7. Cotton buds 8. Pencil 9. Scissors 10. Glue 11. Paint Brushes



Step 1
1. Take some plastic spoons & paint them in a peacock feather like design.

2. Make a stencil of the peacock’s body with a white paper. Trace it on the cardboard and cut it.

3. Now take a cardboard and cut a circular shape to form the base for the plastic spoon feathers.

4. Wrap and cover the circular cardboard with a plain colored paper.

5. Take a glitter paper, cut in the circular shape and cover the circular cardboard by pasting it.

6. Paste and arrange the spoons on the circular board like the peacock feathers.

7. Now take the cotton buds, paint on both the sides with the blue color paint and remove the plastic between both tips.

8. Paste and arrange the painted cotton buds, to form the peacock’s body and then take the spoon cut and paste as the peacock’s head.

9. Then paint the peacocks head and define and retouch the eyes and paste it on the circular cardboard, with feathers, with gum.

10. Now attach a few earbud tips on the head, to make the peacock’s crest and finally add a decorative stone.

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