Pom Pom Bird


1.Green Yarn 2.White Yarn 3.Pom Pom maker 4.Glue 5. Scissors 6.Felt



Step 1
1. First gather all the tools and material required and with the help of pom pom maker create two poms, one slightly larger than the other.
2.To give the bird a white belly, fill one-quarter of the pom pom maker with white yarn.
3.Now trim pom poms evenly to make fluffy circles. Now cut the beak, wings, and tail of the bird with felt.
4.Then glue the head onto the body and glue the black beads onto the head to give your bird the eyes.
5.Now stick the triangle pieces of felt and glue to the face to make the beak.
6.Then stick the two tail pieces with the smaller piece on top of the larger. Apply glue to the base of the body.
7.Finally, glue the wings to the side of the body of the bird and the bird is ready!

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