Quilled Earrings


1. Quilling strips 2. Needle 3. Scissors 4. Jump rings 5. Earring hooks 6. Craft glue



Step 1
1. First, begin making the beautiful quilling Earrings by pasting and joining two quilling strips.

2. Then wind the strips around a cylindrical object and make a ring and shape the rings in a teardrop coil.

3. Now repeat the same procedure to make another smaller teardrop shaped coils.

4. Then make a pair of small tear drop shaped coils and a pair of the smaller ones and apply glue on the inside of the bigger raindrop shaped coil and paste the smaller one inside it.

5. Make tightly closed coils in different coils. Paste these coils in the gap remaining between the two tear drop shaped coils. Cut out 1/4th of a quilling strip and make a loose coil.

6. Now paste it to the earring and insert a jump ring to attach the earring hook.

7. Finally, the beautiful Quilled Earring are ready!

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