Ribbon Garland


1.Ribbon 2.Scissors 3.String 4.Tissue Paper 5.Glue 6.Color Papers 7.Cardboard rolls 8.Cello tape



Step 1
1. Cut 2×2 inch squares of tissue paper and slit a small “X” in the center.

2. Loosely attach the tissue to the bottom of the paper roll.

3. Place a 3-5 inch ribbon over the “X” and secure with a small piece of tape. (NOTE: Do this before filling the tubes )

4. Take a full sheet of color paper and fold lengthwise to about 1 inch deep.

5. Cut into 1 1/2 inch rectangles.

6. Cut about 4 slits into the open end of each rectangle, leaving about 1/4" at the top.

7. Begin wrapping fringe at the bottom of the tube and work your way up. Use tape or glue to secure the fringe.

8. Secure two 3 inch pieces of ribbon on opposite sides of the inside of the tube with tape.

9. Fill with candy, gems, toys, etc.

10. Finally, hang on a string for a party look.

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