Safety Pin Hacks


1.Safety Pin



Step 1
1. Static Free Clothing - Generally the sweaters, woolens, and pants can be affected by static. To fix the charges all you need to do is use a safety pin on your pant or skirt hem to break up the charges and make the fabric more wearable.

2. Bag Locks – If you are traveling to keep your belongings safe, simply pin the zippers of your bag together from the inside before you shut it completely. So that nobody can open it easily.

3. Re-Threading – If you have trouble in re-threading the drawstring of your favorite pajamas, use a safety pin to re-thread it back in place without struggling with the string.

4. First aid – Keeping safety pins handy in your first aid box can be extremely useful. They could help secure bandages, open up jammed medicine bottles and even act as a makeshift crepe band clip.

5. Pairs Together – If you feel that one of the two in a pair of socks and gloves get misplaced, pin them together with a safety pin will help you save time. You can even wash them that way so that they don’t get misplaced.

6. Make a fancy Key Chain – If you always end up losing your keys then take a large safety pin to keep all your keys together which acts as a DIY Key Chain.

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